Out Loud Services

How can I help you?

Have you ever wondered why that search engine you use has a million results for your search?  Do you ever wonder if you are missing anything by not looking past the second page of results?  Information Out Loud can help you turn your Google search into Research so you can make sound business decisions.  I go beyond the ubiquitous search engines and delve into specialized, authoritative, quality-controlled databases to find valuable:

  • Competitive intelligence
  • Business intelligence
  • Demographic research
  • Market, company, and industry research and reports
  • Corporate financial and strategic trend identification
  • Media and current events monitoring and information filtering
  • Expert Internet searching and commercial online database research including news, trade press, academic and scientific literature searches
  • Training and consulting presentations or workshops on research techniques and information sources
  • Document discovery and delivery

Ask me anything!  If I can’t find an answer for you, I will find a person who can.

Some of the other services I provide include:

  • Document discovery and delivery
    • Do you have a list of articles or citations that you need in full text?  
      • I can find them and deliver them to you.
    • Have a new field or unfamiliar subject you want to get up to speed on?  
      • I can research top authors and publications, filter out the noise of irrelevant sources and deliver authoritative, reliable sources for you to review.
      • I can search academic, scientific, technical, and humanities databases that are missed by common internet search engines.
  • Expert witness research  
    • Help you identify experts in a particular field
    • Research experts you have identified and uncover
      • CVs or resumes
      • testimony in other cases
      • publications they have written
      • statements to the press
      • colleagues
      • third party reviews of their work
      • Daubert motions related to testimony
  • Public Records
    • Property records
    • Professional licenses and possible disciplinary actions against the person
    • Addresses (current and former)
    • State court dockets
    • Federal Court Dockets via PACER
  • State of Incorporation, Principal Place of Business & Registered Agent
    • I can identify a company’s registered agent in a particular state, where the company is incorporated, and where the headquarters is domiciled.
  • SEC Filings
  • Wow potential new clients with information on trends and outlooks for their industry and competitors.
  • Help you monitor clients, competitors, current events, and cases.