53% of Adults Use Wikipedia

Pew Research reports that more than half of all adults on the Internet use Wikipedia to find information.   This is a great resource to check on trivia, dates, and quick facts.  But when you are looking for authoritative, in-depth, well-researched information it may not be a good idea to go to Wikipedia for answers.  It is best to turn to a trained professional who can search hundreds of commercial databases and online indexes, as well as find the perfect print resource (i.e. a book) or person to whom you can have a conversation about your business information needs.

Information Outloud is that resource.  I can take your information conundrum and find factual, authoritatve, supported research and provide you with an answer or a direction to solving problems.  Contact me and let me show you.


Questions you may be asking:

  • What is my competition planning for 2011?
  • How do I find all of the available information on …?
  • What are the industry recognized best practices in …?
  • Who are the experts on … and how do I contact them?

I can find answers for you!  Give me your information challenges for 2011 and I will find you strategic, focused, valuable information you can use right away.

Email me at tim@InformationOutloud.com