UNCTAD Handbook of Statistics

The UN Conference on Trade and Development has released the latest Handbook of Statistics.  If you work in international trade or just need current world trade statistics to make better business decisions, contact me and let me help you with your information challenges.

The UNCTAD Handbook of Statistics provides essential data for analyzing and measuring world trade, investment, international financial flows and development. Reliable statistical information is often considered as the first step during the preparation of making recommendations or taking decisions that countries will commit for many years as they strive to integrate into the world economy and improve the living standards of their citizens. Whether it is for research, consultation or technical cooperation, UNCTAD requires comparable, often detailed economic, demographic and social data, over several decades and for as many countries as possible.

Workplace Information Overload

The 2010 International Workplace Productivity Survey, commissioned by LexisNexis, surveyed 1,700 white collar workers in five countries – the United States, China, South Africa, United Kingdom and Australia – found professionals in every market struggling to cope with information overload.

I can help! Information Outloud is a resource to help you find, focus, and filter information for you and your employees.

According to the study, “white collar workers say they spend as much time wading through information as they do using it in their jobs.”  Your time is valuable.  Your clients need you to act as fast as possible and be accurate, authoritative, and efficient.  I can help you wade through the information and find the best documents and data available from the Internet, commercial databases, and experts.

Michael Walsh, CEO of U.S. Legal Markets, LexisNexis: “The results of this survey reveal not just how widespread the problem is, but also the very real impact that information overload has on professionals’ productivity and the bottom line. Employers need to do more than simply toss their workers a life preserver and hope for the best. They need to invest in practical solutions.”

For more information on how Information Outloud can help you and your employees find better information, or use of the information around them more efficiently, please contact Tim at Tim@InformationOutloud.com