BIG little Research Tips (#10 & #11)

#10 – Limit your search by file type

This is a great tip not many people seem to know about. Using a file type limiter lets you search for PDFs or XLS or PPT. Why is this useful? Sometimes you want a brochure or white paper and those will usually be PDF. Data often resides in spreadsheets, so an XLS may be just what you are looking for. Power Points often have great graphics, charts, and contact information of the presenter. Other types you might need include images (JPG or GIF), audio (MP3) or video (MP4, MOV).  

Use this syntax when creating your focused searches: [search terms filetype:.pdf] See this examples using DuckDuckGo: refugee policy filetype:.pdf or refugee policy filetype:xls or refugee policy filetype:.ppt

Be careful, though. Google doesn’t like the dot before the file extension letters!

#11 – Limit your search by domain

One of the most useful search engine tips is to put a limit on the domains you search. Are you looking for only government information? Limit your search to .gov sites. Trying to find an academic discussion or review of a topic? Use the .edu domain. Having trouble navigating that one site’s internal search engine? Add the site to the limit at the end of your search string and you will only get results from that site.  Try searching these examples:

[climate change]

[brain scan]


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