BIG little Research Tips (#7)

#7 – Use a Different Search Engine

This is one of my favorite tips! Sure, I use Google, but my default search engine is DuckDuckGo.  DDG has greater privacy, never tracks you, and doesn’t let other sites peek in on your searches. They also block 75% of the hidden trackers commonly found on Google. Try the same search you did in G and you’ll see a few of the same results, but get down three or four results and you’ll start to notice a difference. Often the top 5 only overlap by one or two sites.

Google will often tailor the results you see based on previous searches you did or sites you visited. Duck Duck Go does not. This is helpful if you do a lot of searches for other people and don’t want your results to be biased or slanted towards sites you may have visited doing a personal search or looking for something obscure.

Bing of course is the another big search engine and should not be discounted. Using Bing will get you different results than Google. Both companies provide relevant results, usually. But they use different indexes and different algorithms to answer your question. Plus Bing has a beautiful photo on the start up page that lets you daydream for a moment or two if you want.

Switching to smaller search engines can often help your search, too. Finding a specialized search engine focusing on a narrow topic will give you more focused results, will likely not be looking at your past searches or clicks to serve up what it thinks you want, and may get you an answer much quicker than scrolling through a results list trying to give you a little of everything. Some engines I’m thinking about are Northern Lights’ Millie, Law Firm Search Engine, or The Lens. Take a look at them and let me know if you have any specialty search engines I should know about.

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One thought on “BIG little Research Tips (#7)

  1. Joan Batchen August 23, 2019 / 1:14 pm

    This is so incredibly helpful, Tim! I’m using DuckDuckGo from now on.

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