Why call an Info Pro?

You search Google and get twenty million results – how do you know if the top results are the best results or even if Google is the best place to look?

You have a question about a company that wants to do business with you, but you are unsure of their reputation.

You want to know what people are saying about your business and your reputation.

You have a great idea for a patent, but don’t even know where to start.

Your boutique law firm is getting involved in some heavy litigation and you need to vet the best experts for your client.

These are all situations when the skills and experience of a professional researcher can help filter out the noise and dial in the right signal for you. Information Out Loud assists clients in information intensive, knowledge based businesses with periodic, recurring needs for accurate, authoritative information but lack the resources for a full time research staff.

See the About, Services, and Connect pages to get a better understanding of what I do and how I can help you.

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