Why Out Loud?

People sometimes ask me about the name I chose for my business.  Information Out Loud. My answer is more personal than professional, but a mix of the two. Information because I have a nearly three decade career in information, libraries, and knowledge, so that is obvious.  Out Loud came to me after listening to the U2 song, “Zooropa.” If you know me, you know I am a long-time U2 fan – not just their music but their passion, their message, and how they approach the world we all live in.

The short answer is I want to make information out loud, visible, usable, and actionable. To find the right answer, the best data, the perfect bit of knowledge and deliver it to you so you can use it to grow your business and help your clients.

The longer answer has to do with the last lyric to Zooropa: “She’s gonna dream up a world she wants to live in. She’s gonna dream out loud.” That is what I want to do with my business.  Dream up my world that I want to live in and dream out loud. Bono commented on the song in the book U2 by U2, saying the opening was the band’s new manifesto. The band was embarking on a new phase of their career. They were evolving musically. That manifesto and the lyrics of the song strike me today as I begin my new venture. I am taking it to heart and moving forward. Information Out Loud is my world to dream up and live in, and I want to live out loud.

“It was our attempt to create a world rather than just songs and it’s a beautiful world. The opening was our new manifesto, ‘I have no compass, I have no map, and I have no reason to go back.” – Bono, U2 by U2, 2006. From <https://www.atu2.com/lyrics/songs/zooropa.html>

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