Background Check


One of the most frequent requests that I am asked is to do a background check to track down people and addresses.  Over the years, I’ve come to rely on a few good sources, but I recently decided to branch out and take a look at other services.

One that I have found and like is KnowX, a LexisNexis company.

KnowX is the place to start for finding information about businesses, people and assets, and can help you discover any critical relationships between them. Run a background check on a business, locate assets, investigate property value and more using public records from across the nation compiled from official data sources.

KnowX provides some searches for free, some for a fee, and offers subscription models as well.  I recently had a list of people who my client needed to locate current addresses for.  Searches on KnowX found probable hits, but the cost to view the full records was $2.95 per name.  To be more cost effective, I purchased a 24 hour unlimited pass for the ultimate people finder at $19.95.  I was able to look at almost 100 addresses in my research.  The option to follow leads that might not look promising at the first level without having to think about the cost per address was great for my research and a bargain for my client.

Public records research can be time consuming and tedious.  A service like KnowX that collects and organizes documents from all over the country including real estate records, professional licenses, court documents, and more is a valuable tool for any background check research.

If you have any research needs that involve background checks, contact me and I can help you find accurate information at a cost effective rate.

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